Your Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Crap on the cob! It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday AND YOU FORGOT. Don’t feel bad. It doesn’t mean you love your mom any less, it just means life got in the way and it slipped your mind. Because of the Internet (and magic-fast shipping) there’s still time to get a thoughtful gift for the woman who wore your spit-up on her shoulder without a change of clothes handy. She’s also the woman who wiped your tush, taught you right from wrong, listened to you cry the first time you got dumped, and who will always, ALWAYS put your needs before hers.

Okay, now that you’re in a truly selfless head space, let’s find mom the perfect gift, shall we?

1. A classic movie or show you’ve watched together and loved

My mom and I have watched tons of movies and shows together. There are several we watch over and over that never get old. Gilmore Girls, Sleepless in Seattle, Moonstruck, Ugly Betty, Silver Linings Playbook – these are all tied to memories of quality time spent together. She will watch these when I’m not around and it’ll remind her of me – and vice versa. Amazon has a giant selection of movies and shows on DVD, Blu-Ray or Instant Watch, and incredible shipping deals, so find one that you’ve seen with Mom before that you know she’ll love. Or get her something fresh and create a new memory this year!

2. Beauty stuff: Immediately!

Sephora has an array of adorable gift cards they’ll deliver straight to Mom’s inbox within seconds allowing her to indulge in any of approximately 8 trillion amazing products, like, RIGHT AWAY. You can choose any amount between $10 and $500 and there’s no shipping cost or time to contend with (unless you’re feeling old fashioned and want to send a gift card by mail, which you totally can).

3. Something homey and soft 

Has anyone ever been disappointed by the sight of a blanket and/or pillow? The answer is no. The relaxation stations in anyone’s home could always use a new accent or two. And your mom deserves a cozy space to chill. One King’s Lane right now has a ton of expensive-looking extra-soft blankets and pillows for about 60% off.

We love this hand-knit one for $45 — especially great for moms who weirdly are always cold.

4. A candle or three 

The candles of today are no joke. It’s not just vanilla and ocean breeze anymore, folks. They have some seriously delicious scents available, some of which have fooled my house guests into thinking I have any kind of baking ability – which I do not. So clearly they’re amazing. Really, Yankee Candle? Salted Caramel? Now you’re just showing off. If you want to go a little more Zen, Paddywax makes a line of soy candles that are like the spa treat you’d never buy yourself but feels cool to have. The best part is that you can get both brands on Amazon with crazy-easy shipping.

5. Something quirky for the kitchen 

The kitchen is such a fun room. First of all, it’s where the food lives. Second of all, it’s a space filled with machines that easily be softened with warm colors and cool accents. There are always more things we’d like to have in our homes, but kitchen accents are probably very far down on your mom’s list of purchasing priorities. Could she use a cool knife sharpener? A classy Terracotta champagne cooler? Or are we thinking BALLER status and a Nespresso machine? All of the items listed above can be found on Fab, which has a Mother’s Day shop, so you can get ideas too.

6. Something to make her life easier 

You probably talk to your mom pretty regularly, right? There must’ve been a problem mentioned in one or more of those conversations that you can solve. Example: My parents frequently engage in a DVR battle that constantly has one of them erasing the other’s shows in order to fit more in. Solution: Almost every show is now available via instant streaming, so a Roku would fix this whole thing!

7. A photo book 

Moms love remembering when you were a kid and all the awesome times you had together — maybe more than anything, they like to know that you thought those times were awesome too. So… a photo book filled with memories and pictures of special occasions and just silly things you did together will instantly brighten her world. Tiny Prints can help you custom-make very cool ones and, even if it takes a minute to reach her (with printing times being somewhat tricky to gauge), it’ll be worth the wait.

8. Something pretty and shiny 

If you have the budget for it, buy Mom a little frosting! No matter how much “me time” or tangible treats she gives herself, it still isn’t enough compared to what she deserves. She will be blown away by anything you give her for Mother’s Day, but she probably isn’t expecting anything super fancy like this gorgeous Pavé Heart Necklace. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be either. You know your mom’s style better than anyone, so whether it’s a sparkling bling bracelet or a brightly colored statement necklace, get something that suits her and she will LOVE you for it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing moms out there!

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