The super-crazy-last-minute guide to Halloween costumes

Happy Halloween! Today is finally October 31, so hopefully you’re raring to go with some [emoji red 100] costume at the ready for wherever tonight may take you.

Orrrr… you completely forgot about getting a costume together, and now it’s Halloween morning, and what are you going to do??

Don’t worry, and also don’t head out to Target because there will be nothing left on those shelves. There are a ton of quick and easy costumes you can throw together with stuff you’ve got lying around your house — no sewing, gluing, or fancy makeup required. No one will even know you made your costume in the half hour before you walked out the door!

Sam the Eagle

Do you have a blue shirt? Blue pants (jeans are fine)? An American flag? Perfect. Draw a big thick eyebrow on your forehead, and drape the flag around your shoulders. Spend all evening commenting about what is and what isn’t patriotic.


Find a clean (NOT DIRTY) old white sheet you’ve got hanging around. Cut two eyes into it. Voila. You’re now a ghost.

High School Musical background extra

So easy, and you don’t even need to learn any complicated choreography. Just throw on some jeans and anything red you own. Carry a backpack and some books, maybe even a basketball! Every now and then chant, “GO WILDCATS!”

Jim Halpert as one of his Halloween costumes

Argue if you want, but Jim Halpert had the best and most creative Halloween costumes at Dunder Mifflin. Go as him pretending to be his classic “Face Book” or as a three hole punch. There was also that time Jim was a guy named Dave for Halloween.

Over excited tourist

That fanny pack you’ve had in your close for ages? Put it to good use. Wear a ridiculously bright shirt, shorts, a hat (a visor would be best) and carry a map.

Jedi Knight

For this you’re going to need a neutral-colored bathrobe and dark clothing underneath. If you don’t already have a lightsaber on hand, you can easily make one with a bunch of old toilet paper/paper towel tubs. Paint them green, blue, purple or red to determine if you’re a Jedi or a Sith. Bonus points if you want to add in the lone padawan braid.

Wednesday Addams

Do you have a long-sleeved black dress? If not, black pants and a black shirt will do. Braid your hair in two parts, furrow your brow all night.

Regina George

Mini-skirt? Check. Tank top? Check. Two holes cut out in the tank top? Double check. Ask everyone if butter is a carb, and yell anytime anyone tries to make “fetch” happen.

Pageant queen

Here’s an excuse to wear one of your prom dresses again — and it’s an excuse to wear a crown without being a princess. Make a quick sash out of ribbon and hold fake roses all night. Remember to smile and wave.

Leslie Knope

You’ve gotta have a blazer lying around somewhere. Throw that on over a button up shirt, and find a big binder. Stuff that binder full of all your great ideas. Maybe carry a waffle around with you. If you need a costume for your other half, have them wear a plaid shirt and draw a mustache on their face. Now you’re Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson.

A large child

It’s getting colder, so finding an adult-sized onesie shouldn’t be a problem. Grab the craziest one you can find, throw it on, and carry a stuffed animal or security blanket with you throughout the night.

A donut

You might have just deflated your pool floats for the season, but blow a circular one up again real fast. With the help of some sharpies, the outline of some frosting and sprinkles on the top, dress in all brown, and viola. You’re now the best food in the world.

(All images via Giphy; NBC.)