11 last-minute gifts for your girlfriend that will make her 2016 end in a perfect way

Your girlfriend is the best, and the she deserves the world. And we know you always intended to get her something special and thoughtful that would wow her beyond words. Unfortunately, time sort of got away with you and now you’re left scrambling to find the perfect gift with just days to spare. Luckily, we’ve got you covered: There are still plenty of great gifts you can grab for the lady love in your life. Just make sure to snatch them up before the clock runs down. Here are some fantastic last-minute gifts for your girlfriend that will take this crappy year and turn it right around.

1A makeup box subscription

Give the gift that keeps on giving all year round! Your girl will love having an assortment of beauty products to play around with, and she’ll appreciate this peek at your softer side.

2Thoughtful jewelry

You don’t have to drop a ton of money to win her over (although that can be nice too). Just seek out a piece of jewelry that seems in sync with her own unique style. It can even be representative of a sweet inside joke between the two of you.

3An edible bouquet


What’s better than a bouquet of flowers? One you can chow down on, of course! There are numerous online bakeries that offer same day delivery, letting you give your girlfriend a sweet treat she’ll adore.

4A sweet-ass gift basket

Don’t pout… turns out lots of stores have same-day or next-day delivery for those of us that aren’t too good at keeping track of our calendars. As far as last-minute gifts for your girlfriend go, this is one of the best: you can tailor the basket to things she loves, and it’s a gift you can share. What more could you ask for?

5Fitness gear

Does your girlfriend love to run and lust after fun workout clothes? Plenty of retailers still have some chic and fun fitness choices that she’ll adore for her next gym visit (or simply for lounging around at home). Nordstrom offers same-day delivery in certain areas, so see if you’ve lucked out on this last-minute gift.

6Killer speakers


If you’re willing to brave the mall in the name of love, run out and get your girlfriend these killer speakers from Beats. They’re sure to turn her next party into a serious rager, and keep you on the nice list for at least the next few months.

7A cute watch

This fashion accessory is coming back in a big way (and is also oddly appropriate for a last-minute gift for your girlfriend). Some retailers are ordering overnight shipping, so check the website details and pick out the watch that will win her over.

8Cozy pajamas

Prove that she’s the only one you want to snuggle up with this holiday season by buying her some comfortable and cute pajamas. If you want to go the extra mile you can get yourself a set as well, and bask in the epic levels of cuteness the two of you create.

9An out-of-this-world coffee mug

Does your girlfriend have a geeky side that she loves to share with others? If she dragged you to the new Star Wars movie then this mug might be the perfect pick. Not only does it celebrate one of her favorite franchises, it will keep her coffee warm — and your girlfriend happily caffeinated.

10Bath products


This can very easily come across as a generic gift, so make sure you amp it up by buying from one of her favorite brands. Bath bombs are always popular, and a set of relaxing products in a scent she loves can help her relax and unwind during the holiday season. If you have the time, throw in a fancy plush robe to make the gift even more decadent.



If you’re really at a loss on last-minute gifts for your girlfriend, a beautiful bouquet can work wonders (especially if you pair it with a gift card to her favorite restaurant. Hey it may not be that original, but it should do the trick — just make sure you don’t repeat this move on Valentine’s Day).