7 last-minute Father’s Day gifts you can get TODAY

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and if your reaction to that memo was I thought it was next Sunday! then you probably haven’t bought your dad a gift yet. While there are plenty of awesome last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas out there, most of them won’t be delivered on time because even expedited shipping can’t save you now.

The good news is: physical stores DO still exist, AND, this may be a good opportunity to activate the right side of your brain with a creative DIY gift for your dad. Whether you’re showing your biological or surrogate father how important he is to you, we’ve got some quick gift ideas that will show appreciation for your patriarch (but not the patriarchy, of course).

Here are some gift ideas that will make Father’s Day special.

1. A subscription to Book of the Month.

Did your dad always have his face buried in a book? Are you still unsure of what his face looks like because you’re so used to seeing a book in front of it? If so, he would probably love a Book of a Month subscription! It’s basically a virtual book club, and it costs $10-$15 for one to three months, or you can get your dad a new book every month for $12 per month. And your dad will be able to choose which ~hardcover~ book he gets from five options, so he isn’t relinquishing all control to you (we know how hard that is for some dads). If you tell your dad about this exciting subscription you got him tomorrow, he’s bound to give you a bear hug.

2. Plan a good ol’ fashioned game night with pops.

Gather up all of your childhood favorites (you may have to phone a friend or head down to a local toy store) and get ready to have some fun with your dad! It’s a nice way to honor all the time that has passed since the last time you played Monopoly, and it’ll allow you both to feel like kids again.

3. The classic DIY: “52 Things I Love About You.”

Speaking of games, this sweet DIY gift involves decorating cards (hence the 52) and writing your favorite qualities about — or memories with — your dad. It’s pretty much guaranteed to transform your even-tempered manly-man into a bumbling softy, which is healthy for everyone, really. Get ready to see some dad tears! (If you can, try to catch and bottle them, then sleep with them under your pillow at night to help eradicate toxic masculinity.)

4. A classic breakfast in bed.

Maybe don’t make him a breakfast salad, though. Make it something special, like mermaid toast, or a nice stack of pancakes like Homers’s. Whatever you cook for him, just make sure that you clean up afterwards.

5. Sign him up for the Dollar Shave Club.

The Dollar Shave Club makes shaving easier than easy, really, because it sends replacement blades each month right to your dad’s bathroom! (Okay, to his doorstep, but that’s pretty darn close.) If your dad is a beardless dude, he’ll most likely be excited by this monthly reminder that you love him and want him to be clean-shaven. It costs $3-$9 per month, depending on which subscription you choose.

6. Make a photo collage of your favorite pics with dad.

When everything’s digital these days, it’s nice to have an opportunity to go to a photo-printing kiosk (try CVS or Rite-Aid) to get the “old-school” glossy 4x6s! Once you’ve printed your favorite pictures of you and your dad, you can either make a photo album or try making them into a collage that he can put in his office. You’ll rise to favorite-child status in no time with this one!

7. A nice bottle of whatever he prefers.

He’s probably the first person you knew who actually wanted to drink scotch or whiskey, so why not honor his niche interests with a gift he’ll likely enjoy for a long time. Maybe it’s a good time to even share a drink of his choice with him and toast to the good times, it could be a nice bonding moment.

Regardless of what you get him, your dad will probably love anything that comes from your heart and wallet, so don’t over-think it and just do the best you can in the next 24 hours! Happy Father’s Day.

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