Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas For All Us Slackers

Guys, it’s June already. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? It seems like just last week I was snuggled up in an oversized cardigan drinking a cinnamon latte. Oh wait. I do that year-round like some kind of Winterland weirdo. But now it’s almost mid-June and Father’s Day is just days away. Have you gotten something for your old man yet? No? We know, we know. Dads can be REALLY HARD to buy for. But fear not. We’ve compiled a thoughtful list of ideas that you can order online and have sent to him in time to not look like you totally blew it.

1. A book about history because all (ok, most) dads like history

My dad is really into pirates, vikings, Revolutionary War heroes—really any historical figure that left their mark on the world by being a badass. He collects tons of swords and hand-carved replicas of canons. He’s like a nerdy Ron Swanson. This book, How to Fight Presidents, looks equal parts hilarious and fascinating and I’m certain he’d love it and yours would too because seriously dads love badasses and history.

2. A tie that beats all other ties

This tie from Think Geek has a subtle print that actually reads “Ties Suck” in binary code. Nothing about it is obnoxious or exudes corporate defiance, but you and your dad will know the truth.

3. A monthly membership box that’ll make Father’s Day last all year

There are so many killer monthly memberships these days, there’s bound to be one that suits your pop perfectly. Two of our favorites are Dollar Shave, which gets him a slick monthly kit with everything he needs for shaving, and Bespoke Post, which offers up limited-edition sets of things like: golf accessories, grilling tools, sunglasses, shoe shine kits, gourmet snacks, etc. Bespoke Post’s package is also nicknamed “The Box of Awesome” and he can return anything he receives that he doesn’t like. If he hates it entirely (he’ll probably never tell you), but you can easily cancel or modify the membership after the first month. And if he loves it – you done good, kid.

4. A collector’s edition of a show/movie you both love

I never fully appreciated sci-fi stories until my dad introduced me to The X-Files. We watched every episode together and as an adult, I can see how it expanded my fictional world into so many other fantastic sci-fi tales. And I definitely believe aliens exist, sooooo thanks, Dad!

Get him a collector’s edition or a complete series set of a show/movie franchise/album the two of you enjoyed. He will cherish it.

5. An Alex Mill shirt to help him feel cool

Does Dad need a little something to up his fashion game? Possibly not, since Normcore has made his entire closet look trendier than yours. But just in case you want to get him into some modern attire, check out Alex Mill. It’s definitely on the pricier end, but the clothes bridge the line between classic and cool and can be  (and probably will be, if your dad is like mine) worn for years.

6. A kick-ass lunch box that can weather any storm

I share my dad’s wild imagination, so a gift like the Tactical Lunch Box would work as a functional day-to-day item, and a great tool to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse we shall one day face.

7. A set of Whiskey Stones to keep his drink forever chilled

Regular ice cubes melt and that means a cocktail can quickly turn into a watered down disappointment. Make sure your dad doesn’t suffer this sadness: give him a set of Whiskey Stones that’ll keep his drink nice and cold and strong.

8. A DRILL, because dads love DRILLS

If your dad likes to fix and build things himself, he needs the world’s most awesome tools. When was the last time he upgraded his DIY gear? It’s probably been awhile, which means you have the perfect opportunity to get him a shiny new tool set or drill like this one.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the spectacular dads out there!

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