“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” pays a super heartbreaking homage to “A New Hope”

The Force Awakens included plenty of Star Wars Easter eggs and homages to the OG films — and, unsurprisingly, that trend continues in The Last Jedi. But there’s one A New Hope homage that caught our attention and had us feeling all kinds of emotional. If you haven’t seen The Last Jedi, 1) What are you waiting for? GET ? TO ? A ? THEATER ? NOW ?. And 2) Some spoilers lie ahead (nothing too crazy, but still), so read on at your own risk.


When we meet Luke Skywalker himself in The Last Jedi, he’s a far cry from the optimistic boy from Tatooine.

He’s rejected his life as a Jedi in favor of hiding out on Ahch-to with a bunch of Porgs because, the way he sees it, it’s time the Jedi come to an end. Except that’s totally not going to happen because, hello, Rey is strong with the Force. As is Kylo Ren, and seeing how he’s ~bad~ and all, she needs to train to combat him.

Eventually, Luke concedes and helps Rey. BUT, they end up having a huge argument about what really went wrong when Luke was training Kylo, in effect leading him to the Dark Side. THEN, Rey takes off to try and save the galaxy without Luke, because he isn’t on board with her plan. BUT, our boy comes through in the end, and shows up for the big, final battle. And it’s in those closing moments that we get our b-e-a-utiful homage.

You probably caught it too, because it’s one of the most famous shots from A New Hope.

But ICYMI, remember when Luke is back on Tatooine in the OG Star Wars, contemplating life and bracing himself for an absolutely epic journey while looking at twin suns, with John Williams’ sweeping score playing all the while?


Well, in The Last Jedi, we get a shot that’s almost *exactly* like that. Luke takes a moment to debrief from all the ~drama~ and stares out into the distance and oh, what’s that out there? TWIN SUNS.

* Cue Williams’ emotive theme in our hearts! *

After having next to no Luke in The Force Awakens, it’s so nice to not only have Luke back, but to also have the film pays tribute to one of his biggest scenes from the movie that started this whole shebang. And the circumstances in which this happens make the moment all the more moving, but we’ll leave it at that for now because #MAJORSPOILERS.

And now, we have a request for Episode IX: More homages like this please! Got that, J.J. Abrams? Thanks in advance.