“The Last Jedi” filmed some scenes in King’s Landing, and our favorite worlds are colliding

Today in OMG news, your favorite alternate realities are colliding. It turns out that Star Wars: The Last Jedi filmed some scenes in King’s Landing (!!!), and we are not equipped to handle this level of excitement on a Monday.

But you read that right: The Last Jedi filmed some scenes in an *iconic* location from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

The latest entry in the Star Wars franchise will introduce audiences to new places in the galaxy. Among these places is a casino city of Canto Bight, which Nerdist excitedly pointed out is not unlike the castles in King’s Landing. Director Rian Johnson even confirmed that the whole “high walls surrounding an opulent city” thing was directly lifted from Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is literally where HBO films its King’s Landing scenes in Game of Thrones.

So basically, Dubrovnik’s coastline is the nerd paradise of the future.

And while it’s not like The Last Jedi borrowed costumes or sets or anything from Game of Thrones, a brand-new location was modeled after one of its most recognizable filming locations. There’s no way this was an accident, right? Bless you, Rian Johnson.


This Last Jedi and Game of Thrones news is just too wild to comprehend. In a good way.

Can you imagine Jon Snow fighting White Walkers with…a lightsaber? Or how terrifying it would be if Cersei Lannister could use the Force? Honestly, fan fiction doesn’t get this good. Well, actually, it totally does. But this is real! This happened! It’s like the greatest, dorkiest Easter egg of all time.

What’s next — Rey shows up on Canto Bight in the TARDIS? Just kidding. Totally just kidding.

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