Here’s why a lot of fans are furious with “The Last Jedi”

Expectations were pretty high going into the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, and with good reason. There was fear that the film wouldn’t live up to The Force Awakens, or even more worrisome, that it wouldn’t be as good as another second film in the trilogy Attack of the Clones The Empire Strikes Back. Personally speaking, I thought The Last Jedi was pretty damn great, and I have already seen it multiple times. However, there are some out there on the internet who really, really disliked Last Jedi.

But how could anyone dislike a movie that gave us shirtless Kylo Ren…and Porgs? Well, the expectations were maybe a little too high — and also, the expectation of having all our burning questions answered was at a critical level.

The Force Awakens introduced us to Rey, our brand new feisty heroine. It also gave her a mysterious backstory, and the film hadn’t even ended before literally everyone on the planet started coming up with theories about Rey’s parents. I know I personally wrote like, 45 myself. There was also Snoke, a mysterious character himself who seemed to be in charge of the entire First Order, and was very much an old school Sith Lord himself. What’s his deal? Who is he? Is he some long-long character from the prequels? And on top of that, what were Luke’s first words going to be?

See, there was a lot of pressure on Last Jedi to deliver — and IMHO, it completely delivers. I loved it. I laughed, I cried, I cherished every single moment with flyboy Poe Dameron. However, corners of the internet don’t agree with this. And one major point of contention is Rey, Snoke, and Luke.

Since I, myself, contributed to the fan theory flame that has lit the spark under us for the last two years, I totally get why there’s major disappointment in these revelations — Rey’s parents are “nobodies,” nothing about Snoke is explained before he is killed, and also Luke just…disappears. For the past two years, just about every Star Wars fan had built up some expectation for these questions to be answered. And they were. Just not according to the theories on Reddit, which I guess is a problem? I don’t think it’s a problem, since I kinda didn’t want Reddit to have figured out the mystery of Rey’s parents — Reddit isn’t writing the Star Wars movie. In this case, it’s director Rian Johnson. And Rian Johnson doesn’t have to bend to the whims of fans (and Episode IX’s [returning] director, J.J. Abrams, doesn’t have to, either).

With all that being said, Twitter is pretty pissed. There’s even a hashtag, #thelastjediawful. And sure, Jan.


And you know what, we don’t need to see anymore.

Also to note: Force Awakens received a ton of hate after it premiered, too, because many thought it wasn’t unoriginal. And now here we are with Last Jedi, with some people complaining that it took too many risks. So, in short, no one’s ever going to be happy with every Star Wars movie, because that’s just the way it goes.

But no, The Last Jedi wasn’t awful — but yeah, everyone does get their own opinion. But, come on, once again, any movie with Shirtless Kylo Ren is a FAR cry from awful.