“The Last Jedi” kills off so many main characters, and I’m not okay with this

Considering the name of the movie literally has the word “war” in it, it’s only expected that there will be some deaths in every Star Wars movie, and The Last Jedi is no expectation. The Last Jedi is also the first trilogy movie to really deal with the consequences of war in a way that we haven’t seen before. And, yes, sadly wars involve deaths. Surprisingly, The Last Jedi included a whole lot of deaths, and TBH, I am not okay with it.

And sure, the last two Star Wars movies — The Force Awakens and Rogue One — have given us plenty of deaths. Force Awakens killed off maybe the most iconic non-Jedi character ever, Han Solo. Literally every single character in Rogue One died trying to procure those Death Star plans. However, the deaths in The Last Jedi feel vastly different for some reason. It’s not like they hurt more (or less) than the days of Han, Jyn, and Cassian. It’s just that there are so many characters who die in Last Jedi — and so many brand new characters who die — that I am, like, not okay with it at all.


Well first off, let’s discuss that The Last Jedi is full of strong, powerful women. That’s super cool! And immediately, one of them dies. In the opening sequence, brand new character Paige Tico is killed in an explosion. I am ridiculously upset about Paige, because my name is Paige and I have bought every single thing of Paige merchandise, because I think that’s the coolest thing ever. My name is on a Star Wars toy!

Also, Paige and her sister, Rose, were supposed to represent the first sisters in space, but they don’t even share any screen time together. We only learn they’re sisters after we meet Rose, who is crying over her death in the cargo hold. It’s a heartbreaking moment, and I’m even more heartbroken because I wanted more Space Sisters.

Don’t even get me started on the death of Laura Dern’s Amilyn Holdo. I can’t believe someone was like, “Yes, let’s cast Laura Dern in a Star Wars movie, and let’s give her pale purple hair. Also, she’s totally gonna die at the end of the second act.” While this is TRAGIC, her death is meaningful, since it serves as a way for the Resistance to get ahead of the First Order (if only for a second). Also, her death is pretty badass. Holdo literally flies a ship while jumping to hyperspace into the First Order cruiser. That is…that is pretty iconic, Holdo.

There’s also Phasma. Remember Phasma? She had like, 10 minutes of screen time in Force Awakens, and much of that was spent walking around with her cape flowing behind her. We were told that she would have a beefed up role for Last Jedi, and hell yes to Star Wars‘ first female villain. Except…it felt like Phasma had even less presence this time around. Her big *moment* happens when she and Finn face off, during a fight that is far too brief. And then she…dies. She falls into an explosion and that’s…it.

Also Admiral Ackbar bites the dust. OUR ADMIRAL ACKBAR. His death also happens off screen, which is rude.

Leia dies. JK. But actually, she does. However, then she comes back to life so forget I ever mentioned this.

Hmm, who else? Oh yes, Luke Skywalker. THE BIG ONE. After battling, and defeating, Kylo Ren via some holographic Force ghost, Luke becomes a Force ghost himself — he’s gone, but come on, he’s still going to be around. He sees one last double sunset on Ahch-To, and then disappears just like his master, Obi-Wan all those years ago. The last Jedi is gone.

The Last Jedi was completely uplifting in an “I also want to fight for the Resistance” kinda way. Except for the surplus of deaths.