Laser Kitten’s new acrylic jewelry line will send electricity into the heart of rocker babes

Laser Kitten goes back a decade to their roots as a laser cut jewelry line for a collection of acrylic earrings that will rock your world.

The LA brand has a line for dang near any subculture babe. Whether you’re a witchy enchantress, a Hollywood starlet or California beach babe, you’ll find a sweet gift for yourself from Laser Kitten, where kitsch meets cute. These new earrings will send electricity right into the heart of romantic rocker babes everywhere!

For this latest collection, Laser Kitten is revisiting their 2007 San Francisco beginnings with some classic designs. Their original logo featured elements like a heart and lightning bolt design, which are now available again. All pieces are handmade in Los Angeles, in glorious hot pink, gold, and gold glitter acrylic.

With two hearts and a tiny bolt, these dangly beauties show some serious double decker love.

When your love is electrifying! (And your chills are multiplying at an alarming rate.)


The Gold Bolt earrings ($38) are an everyday staple for a certain kind of badass babe.

Gold Bolt Earrings, $38


Take care of business in these babies!

High Voltage Love earrings, $38


Three little glitter bolts light up your ears like a thunderstorm of love. Ooooh.


Big love, bitty bolts! Loooove how her lipstick matches her earrings.

Big Love Mini Bolt Earrings, $38



P.S. that Clueless shirt? Dying.

Love Zap earrings, $38


When you’re all about all gold everything, but you want a tiny pop of pink.

Buy the new (but old) earrings from Laser Kitten on their site!

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