Wow! This revamped Las Vegas Taco Bell should probably be at the top of your Sin City to-do list

If a trip to Sin City is in the cards for you, you might want to add this revamped Taco Bell in Las Vegas to your itinerary, and we don’t mean placing a late-night drive-thru order. Delish shared a video of the interior of the restaurant and it is absolutely something to behold. If you go, parking and venturing inside is a must.

So, remember when we told you about Taco Bell getting a hipster makeover? Well, the spiffy new joint is the result of that redesign project and it far exceeds our expectations. Not only does the new Taco Bell Cantina boast a better design than your average fast food restaurant, it’s officially turned into a spot where you and your squad can eat, drink and dance the night away.

Ha! We knew that would grab your attention. But yes, the new Taco Bell is THE spot, y’all. Obviously, it’s located on The Strip (because where else would it be?), open 24/7 and serves wine, beer and custom-made slushies of various flavors that can also be spiced up with liquor. There’s also a DJ booth, a VIP lounge and a retail store that sells all types of merch.


Check out Delish’s video tour below:

Needless to say, we just added this new Taco Bell restaurant to our list of places to travel.