This city is taking a stand against puppy mills

On January 8th of this year, the Las Vegas City Council officially banned the sale of animals from mills. For those unaware, animal mills, most often referred to as “Puppy Mills” due to the large amount of dogs bred in these institutions, are factories that breed animals- specifically puppies, kittens, and piglets, in large quantities and most often, in very unhealthy and unpleasant conditions.

This is a significant law to be passed, as there are over 10,000 animal factories throughout the U.S., and they are very lucrative. This new law means that pet stores are no longer allowed to sell any animals from puppy mills, or from large quantity breeders. So those big pet stores that are often known for the sale of puppy mill animals will be forced to switch to selling animals from shelters, adoption centers, and humane societies. This is amazing news for both animals and animal lovers. Stores in Las Vegas will have two years to comply with this new law.

As big of a step as this is for Las Vegas, an opposite ordinance was just passed across the country. As we applauding Las Vegas for their forward thinking decision, Minnesota just was given the okay to breed even larger quantities of dogs in their facilities. Recently, photos were posted to show the horrible conditions that these animals live in on these farms in Utica and the Saratoga Township of Minnesota. And still, the increase in animal farming was passed.

But luckily, it looks like Las Vegas will be just the first of many cities to limit the number of animals to be bred in these facilities, as well as where they can be sold. Way to trailblaze, Vegas!

(Image via Shutterstock)

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