Watch Larry David try and fail to keep a straight face during his “SNL” rehearsal

If there’s one place it’s okay to mess up, it’s Saturday Night Live. I mean, who can blame the actors for laughing when the sketches are just so funny? Plus, it sometimes makes the joke even better when the performer breaks on stage, so even though Larry David couldn’t keep it together during rehearsals for his episode, it just makes us love him more.

Saturday Night Live released an amazing behind-the-scenes look at the team getting prepared for one of the best sketches of the night, “FBI Simulator” starring the iconic new character, Kevin Roberts. Starting with the first run-through all the way up to the dress rehearsal, Larry David cannot get through some of his hilarious lines, and when Larry laughs, we all laugh, including the rest of the cast in the scene.

If we weren’t jealous of the comedians on SNL before, we are now, because laughing with Larry David is essentially the dream job.

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