You have to see Bernie Sanders and Larry David’s reaction when they find out they’re *actually* related

We all know that Larry David does an eerily spot-on Bernie Sanders impression. We figured it was just because Larry David is a talented comedian. But as it turns out, part of the reason behind Larry David’s uncanny impersonation of Bernie Sanders could be that — surprise — they’re actually related. We’re not sure what’s better: Larry David’s impression, or this coincidence.

They found out about their connection on PBS’ Finding Your Roots, where guests’ DNA samples are compared to reveal connections.

While this is unexpected, somebody on the internet must have theorized this already, right? Because now that we know, we’re like… duh, obviously, they were clearly separated at birth.

The real highlight of this discovery, though, is the duo’s adorable response to this surprising yet not surprising news.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the host of Finding Your Roots, had David and Sanders — in separate instances — open a book to reveal their shared connection.

And their reactions are TOO CUTE. David was at first hoping for somebody a liiiiittle flashier, maybe, than the Vermont senator.

"I hope it's a good athlete."

And for Sanders’ part, he was quick to state the truth.

"He does a better Bernie Sanders than I do!"

We will now eagerly await David to pitch a new sitcom in which he and his long-lost identical twin cousin Bernie Sanders move into an apartment together and get into all sorts of zany hijinks — while navigating life, love, and politics.

For more — and who wouldn’t want more? — watch the full episode of Finding Your Roots.