You need to be cleaning your laptop with slime – no, really

Laptops are gross. They’re absolute lifesavers, and most of us who own them could never live without them — which is exactly why they’re gross.

The first week or so after buying a new laptop is the time when you’re probably the most careful with it. You shut it down when you’re not using it and don’t even consider eating or drinking within a 10-foot proximity of your laptop. But because you’re human, that carefulness probably doesn’t last long. So over time, the key slots get filled with sandwich crumbs, chip crumbs, cake crumbs, and pretty much every crumb you’ve ever eaten directly over your laptop. Which, if you’re like me, is a lot of crumbs.

There are lots of ways to clean your laptop of crumbs and other things that shouldn’t be in the key slots, but it seems like nothing is quite as effective as slime. Yes, slime.

CNET made a video that gives step-by-step directions on how to use slime to clean your laptop. The unwanted crumbs, schmutz and other minuscule dirt objects latch onto the slime, because it’s slime. And the best part (other than a clean laptop)? You can make it at home.

All you’ll need is glue, water, Borax laundry booster and a willingness to have a great time. Because slime.

The slime can also be used for various other things like reenacting scenes from Ghostbusters or creating your own Double Dare physical challenges.

Check out the video:

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