Lane Kim herself posted an Instagram that seems to be from the new ‘Gilmore Girls’ set

The Gilmore Girls revival is almost here!! Okay, technically it’s not ALMOST here (they have to shoot it first), but we’re a lot closer to catching up with Lorelai, Rory, Luke and Lane Kim than we were when the series ended in 2007.

The entire cast and crew have been super tight-lipped about details, but lucky for us, one of the cast members has been a liiiiiitle more loose-lipped. Keiko Agena, AKA Lane Kim, AKA Rory’s closest friend, posted a photo to Instagram last week that seems to be directly from the GG set.

“With the REAL LIFE Lane Kim, Helen Pai. ? Good things are coming… ❤️,” Agena captioned the photo, giving fans a major hint that shooting has begun or is about to begin.

Pai is a childhood friend of series creator Amy Sherman Palladino and the inspiration behind Lane Kim. Lane’s band Hep Alien is even an anagram of her name. AND her husband’s name is Dave Rygalski (AKA Adam Brody’s character). Now that’s some serious Gilmore Girls royalty.

It’s very possible that real Lane Kim and fake Lane Kim are actually friends IRL and were just hanging out together when the photo was taken, but it also seems super plausible that the photo is from the actual GG set. Mainly because that’s what we want to believe, and because of Agena’s total tease. And based on some tweets from one mega fan, we know it’s happening now/soon/now.

Long live Stars Hollow and long live the gazebo!

(Image via The WB.)

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