Lane has a case of the giggles in the latest “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” behind-the-scenes video

Stop for a second and think about how excited you’d be to come face to face with the Stars Hollow Gazebo. Now imagine actually returning back to Stars Hollow after being away from the town for nine years, and seeing that big, beautiful gazebo in all its glory once again. You’d probably cry, and then after you’re done crying, probably burst into a fit of giggles because you’re just so damn happy — well, that’s what happened to Lane in the latest behind-the-scenes Gilmore Girls teaser.

The giggling part, not the crying. But yeah, she probably cried a little.

Earlier today, the Gilmore Girls Twitter shared a quick video of Keiko Agena greeting Stars Hollow for the second first time. She’s simply bursting at the seams with excitement, and can’t get over the fact that everything has come back to life once again. Honestly, we can’t believe this is happening either.

“I’m so giddy! We’re all giddy!” Keiko exclaims during the video, and WE ARE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

And, of course, the biggest attraction is the Gazebo. THE GAZEBO!! It’s a star itself in the Gilmore Girls world, and we’re so excited that’s going to be back, too. And, seeing how excited Keiko is still makes us all the more excited, and oh gosh WE’RE ONLY THREE WEEKS AWAY!!