This campaign could land you a date with Hello Kitty

We like Hello Kitty a bunch, but we’ve never thought about dating her. Sanrio, the company behind the character, just launched a campaign for a few lucky individuals to score a date with Hello Kitty, all in the name of fundraising. The campaign is for a summer festival at Puroland, their Tokyo-based park.

The story was first reported by The Japan Times, who note that individuals that pledge  ¥100,000 (or, a little less than $900) have a shot at winning 20 minutes with the character. Does Hello Kitty like coffee dates? Inquiring minds want to know.

The festival is scheduled for July 15th through September 3rd, and all money donated will go towards decorating the park.

Here’s the catch: the award will only be given to five individuals. So if more than five people donate the cash, they’ll only have a chance to spend time with the famous icon.

The Japan Times mentioned how a Sanrio representative felt like the campaign would help create a sense of unity between the brand and the fans.

For those looking to donate more, they could get a chance to invite Hello Kitty to their city.

The cost for an experience like that? One million yen — or, $8,972. So if you ever wanted Hello Kitty to see your old high school, or have your mom cook her a chicken casserole, your (strange but precious) dreams could become a reality.

Without a doubt, the festival looks like it’ll be awesome. According to the campaign page on Campfire, numerous Sanrio characters will be out for food, games, and dancing. So if you’re booking a trip to Tokyo, you should look into doing it this summer.