Lancôme’s upcoming Matte Shaker is the lipstick version of the cocktail-shaped Juicy Shaker

We love when our fave brands come at us with a product that could be described as slightly kitsch, like Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker lip balms — these adorable high gloss lipsticks are cute as can be! Since the world obviously couldn’t get enough of it, Lancôme is releasing a liquid lipstick version called the Matte Shaker Lipstick that we can’t wait to try it out! The Shaker lipsticks are deliciously scented and come in packaging that resembles vintage cocktail shakers, isn’t that adorable? But they’re not just a gimmick, they’re really high-quality lipsticks!

So far, the only differences we’ve noted between the Juicy Shaker and Matte Shaker lipsticks (other than the matte vs. gloss formula) is that the Matte Shakers have a black top. We don’t know yet if it’ll be a cushion applicator like the Juicy Shaker or if they’ll go a more traditional liquid lipstick route with a brush applicator.

How fun are these vibrant colors? We’re not yet sure when they’ll be released, but they look pretty perfect for spring and summer if you ask us!

We love how highly pigmented, smooth, and even the application appears to be. Can’t wait to try it for ourselves.

What do you think, does that look like a cushion applicator to you or a brush shaped like the old cushion?

One thing’s for sure, these are going to be flying off the shelves once they’re available.

The ability to mix-and-match these is a huge bonus. They look amazing either layered on or with an ombré effect. Lancôme really outdid themselves with these, and we need like a million more swatches, please!

Are you a fan of the Juicy Shaker line? We’re definitely intrigued by the new formula, and can’t wait to see what all the shades look like IRL!

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