Did Lana Parrilla just chop off all her hair to get back into full Evil Queen mode for “Once Upon a Time”?

While Jennifer Morrison showed us she’s getting her Emma Swan hair back in shape for shooting Season 6 of Once Upon a Time, it looks like Lana Parrilla is taking an ~evil~ cue from her OUAT character Regina (aka the Evil Queen).

Parrilla just posted this photo of chopped hair on the floor and it’s making us say, “whaaaa?”

Her caption: “When I tease my #EvilRegals without a follow up photo! Ha! My #50EvilWays.”

If you recall, in Season 1, when Regina was in full Evil Queen mode, her hair was PRETTY short.

And in this past season, Regina’s hair had grown out a fair amount (much like her character had grown into being the “good one”, ha!).

So does this mean Regina is truly going back to her Evil Queen look and roots?

And is that REALLY Parrilla’s hair on the floor in her Instagram photo or is she just messing with us?

Some people think she’s just joking.


But either way, fans are LOVING it.


But if you need anymore confirmation that Regina is going back to her old ways, Parrilla gave us a peek at the new poster for Season 6 that ABC released.

Her caption this time? “She’s back.”


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