Lana Parilla channeled “Once Upon a Time” style in amazing red leather

When we think about fashion at Comic-Con, our imagination tends to run a little wild. We picture sleek white Storm Trooper costumes, the Iron Man suit, and such. All those heavy fur blankets the Game of Thrones dudes are always wearing? A thousand times yes. But today, the Comic-Con outfit that completely stole our hearts was a simple red dress.

Lana Parilla, who plays Regina (as known as the Evil Queen) on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, turned up at the OUAT press event in a dress that so completely embodied her TV character that our minds were officially blown. Parilla rocked a sleek red leather dress that managed to look both amazingly chic and just a tad evil at the same time…maybe because she accessorized it with an APPLE-SHAPED PURSE, you guys!


Yeah, that’s a handbag. Be amazed. What can we say? Girl loves her some apples.

via giphy

OUAT’s season 5 finale made it pretty clear that the Evil Queen is back, and Parilla is obviously down. We love it. We love it hard. She might be smiling alongside co-stars Emilie de Ravin and Rebecca Mader, but that apple speaks volumes.


Red leather sure looks good on you, Lana Parilla. So does evil.