Lana Del Rey’s new song “Life is Beautiful” is simply beautiful

Remember just this past summer when Lana Del Rey made the mistake of expressing less-than-rosy emotions to a reporter and next thing you knew the Internet was up in arms about her romanticizing death and suicide? Well, her newest song takes on a whole new outlook.

Entitled “Life is Beautiful,” this track featured in upcoming film The Age of Adaline starring Blake Lively, is optimistic and celebratory—in its lyrics, anyway. The melody is just as gorgeously melancholy as her music always is. It dances with the ups and downs of life and comes out on the other end shining and unbroken.

Lana has always been a master of blending the dark with the light, and “Life is Beautiful” is an exquisite example of that. To Lana Del Rey, life is dark and life is hard, but that’s just part of what makes it beautiful and worth exploring. Take an audio-glimpse of it in the new trailer for The Age of Adaline.

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