Lana Del Rey teased the new video for her collab with the Weeknd

Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd might have the best pop collaboration streak going on. Both artists use dark sound and lyrical aesthetics to create messed up, but hypnotic song universes. Del Rey has guested several times on Weeknd songs, like “Prisoner” from Beauty Beyond the Madness, and “Stargirl Interlude” and “Party Monster” from Starboy. But, she is notorious for never having any formal guest features. Until “Lust for Life,” a fact that he shouted out on Instagram:

We’ve heard the full song, but haven’t caught any wind of its accompanying video. Until now.

Lana Del Rey teased the “Lust for Life” video on Instagram, and we’ve got more questions than answers.

The teaser video doesn’t reveal any plot, but there’s one intriguing shot at the end. The camera zooms out from the inner depth of Del Rey’s eye. When the picture clears, she (in a positively Twin Peaks-ian look) flashes a Mona Lisa smile for the camera. It’s not clear if the Weeknd is going to be in the video. There’s also no video release date except for “soon.” But if it’s anything like her “Love” video, it’s going to be kind of cloudy, kind of woozy — so basically, the peak Del Rey aesthetic.

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