Lana Del Rey gets her action heroine on for the ‘High By The Beach’ video

Well that was fast — days after releasing her second single off of her third album, Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey has dropped a music video for said song; the “can I live” anthem “High By The Beach.” The result is something both unexpected and delightful, and a firm step outside Del Rey’s expected wheelhouse.

When you think of the singer, who seems to perpetually be moving in slow motion, the following words might not necessarily come to mind: Badass gun-toting action star. But hey, “High By The Beach” itself is a departure for her, in that it’s a song that doesn’t place a man or a myth at its adoring center. Del Rey is bored and annoyed, and though the object of her ire in the song is ostensibly a man who’s given her too much trouble and won’t let her be, her target is narrowed and eliminated in the “High By The Beach” video.

The inspiration for the song’s video was unveiled the same time as the song itself was, with Del Rey sharing this post and hinting at the heavy weaponry to come:

With Miley Cyrus putting violence in videos on blast, and the “girls and guns” image becoming a too-familiar pairing in pop culture obsessed with both, Del Rey’s violent imagery might seem a little bit too aggressive. But her aim in “High By The Beach” is at the paparazzi, who hound her when she’s just trying to feel the ocean breeze and read some magazines at her (fabulous, cliffside residence’s) kitchen table. Del Rey literally takes matters into her own hands when they don’t leave her alone.

As early as “Video Games,” she’s shown a real distaste for the all-encompassing nature of modern fame. And now, she gets to strike back.

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