Lana Del Rey singing “Santa Baby” proves that song was basically made for her

Lana Del Rey has gifted the world with a clip of herself singing ‘Santa Baby’ on Instagram.

Last month, Lana blessed us with an Insta clip of her singing and dancing to the new Weeknd album ‘Starboy.’

We’re digging these social goodies, and we hope she keeps it up.

But so far, this one takes the cake.

Joined by her sister Caroline “Chuck” Grant, the two look like a classic ’40s sister singing duo.

“As per the request of the 11 yr olds,” Del Rey captioned the post.

Chuck Grant is a professional photographer and has shot her sister many times, calling Lana her “muse.” Apparently, she’s got some pipes of her own.

Will these two please start up a sister’s duo? The Del Rey Sisters? They could be the new Andrews Sisters!

Meanwhile, we’re eagerly awaiting the release of new material from Lana. She teased some tracks earlier this year, and we’re still on the edge of our seats.

“I do have early thoughts about what I’d like to do with [the album],” she told NME in November. “My label, Interscope, is pretty flexible and open to my records coming out at any time, so I don’t have that pressure. I’m just happy to be able to keep on making music I can stand behind. That’s enough for me.”

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