Lana Del Rey’s new hair color is THE perfect summer look

We’re always desperate to do one specific thing every time summer rolls around: Completely change everything about our hair – and we definitely aren’t the only ones. Emma Roberts recently went rose gold. Jennifer Lawrence has been rocking an icy blonde hue these last couple months. As for Chrissy Teigen, she started her very own “don’t cut the front” trend. Now, we have Lana Del Rey, who just underwent the hair transformation of our summer dreams.

Every brunette secretly wonders what it would be like to become a blonde. Every blonde secretly wonders what it would be like to walk a mile in a brunette’s shoes. Lana Del Rey (who was rocking a reddish-brown look), on the other hand, isn’t afraid to try both hair colors on for size.







Also, this isn’t the first time Lana Del Rey has gone blonde — in 2010 she pulled off a lighter shade of blonde and looked as amazing as she does now:


Though changing your hair color can be completely and utterly intimidating, Lana’s new ‘do doesn’t seem that drastic. In fact, we think her shade of honey blonde would look good on all of us – especially since she appears to have some light brown highlights mixed in for dimension.

Lana’s new hair color is making us feel super summery and we want to feel that way all the time. We can already imagine ourselves walking into the hair salon, pointing to a picture of Lana, and walking out feeling like beach princesses.

It’s safe to say that Lana Del Rey is our official hair inspiration for summer.

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