Lana Del Rey has revealed why she’s been MIA, and girl, we get it

Lately, it seems like Lana Del Rey has shied away from doing interviews — and apparently, it hasn’t just seemed that way. It’s actually true. Recently, though, she was on the cover of Flaunt magazine, and she opened up to her interviewer not just about her recent hesitance to step into the limelight, but also about the stuff that’s on all of our minds too, like the current political landscape. She said she avoided publicity for a while because she was really digging into her work and her writing, and was trying to find a place where she felt comfortable enough with herself to open up again — which we totally get and support!

“Because it’s hard to talk about your innermost feelings if you feel the reception will be cold. And I hung back for a while. I did a handful of interviews, but not many in the last few years. But also I was writing and writing, and digging through stuff, and not writing things as easy to digest or discuss. It still comes from me, but as I’ve evened out as a person, I don’t have as much I don’t want to say. I feel comfortable.

She talked to Flaunt further about diving into her writing, and how it’s such a personal experience for her, not to mention so important that she’s just been devoting a lot of her time to it, which we imagine means she has less time for publicity. Honestly, we respect any artist who’s so dedicated to their craft!

Lana was also asked about her feelings about politics, and we love to hear her opinion on these things.

"I feel like we’re in a bit of a Hitchcockian experience, and you’re in a scenario, and every day you wake up and you can’t believe the things being said and done are real. And I think some people are questioning if this shit is actually happening, like especially with the North Korea issues, which are really the scariest because you’re talking about nuclear annihilation.

Looks like Lana del Rey is 2 for 2 on the relatability scale.

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