Guys, we *finally* have a release date for Lana Del Rey’s new album

After what has felt like months and months of speculation, we finally have a release date for Lana Del Rey’s new album, and it’s actually pretty soon.

In case you missed it, Lana Del Rey is finally back. The singer made her comeback with the cinematic and wonderful track “Love,” the video for which totally had us swooning.

Soon after, Lana shared a trailer for her upcoming album, Lust For Life, joking that she had been living inside the “H” of the Hollywood sign, cooking up new music for her fans, and she teased that the direction of the record had changed to take into the account the recent shifts in the political climate.

Now, after heaps of speculation, Lana Del Rey has finally announced the release date for Lust For Life, and we’re so ready for it.

In a seemingly random tweet, the “Video Games” singer revealed that her fourth album would be released on July 21st.

"July 21 fam," she wrote on Twitter.


Reps for the singer later confirmed the news to The Fader that the album, which features collaborations with the Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, and Sean Lennon, would indeed be released on Friday July 21st of this year.

The move comes after Lana unveiled the video for her single “Lust for Life,” with features her friend the Weeknd. The vintage inspired clip sees the singer performing a short dance routine, before joining the Weeknd on top of the Hollywood sign. The pair then flirt and dance, before sliding down the sign and landing on the ground.

Speaking about the track in a conversation with Courtney Love, which was published in the magazine Dazed, Lana said that she consulted with pop maestro Max Martin while writing the song and revealed that it was the first song that she wrote for the new album.

Lana also recently debuted a new track said to be from the collection, the breezy but dark ballad “Cherry,” and earlier this month released a standalone song inspired by her time at Coachella and the rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

Now that we finally have a release date for Lust For Life, our excitement is truly palpable. We can’t wait for new Lana in our lives…

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