There’s a surprise planted in Lana Del Rey’s new album cover

Lana Del Rey is sending fans into a tizzy, all thanks to a little surprise planted on her new album cover. Before you scour the picture for clues, just know it’s not one of those things where there’s, like, a baby discreetly peering out of a corner. Thank goodness.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

On Friday, Lana tweeted a photo of her new Honeymoon album cover, and announced that it would be released on September 18 (which, by the way, WOO!). The cover shows Lana leaning outside of a StarLine Tours car, daydreaming in a floppy pink hat and some sunglasses.

Upon further observation, you’ll also notice a 1-800 number placed below the StarLine Tours logo, which one would assume is a StarLine Tours phone number. NOT SO.

You see, Lana is playing off good ‘ol fashioned curiosity and the indescribable temptation we feel when we see phone numbers placed on things like album covers. Dialing the phone number is only natural!

So, what happens when you phone in?

Callers who dial what’s now been dubbed the “Honeymoon Hotline” are supposed to hear a message recording of Lana’s voice. According to Pitchfork, “[they] will also hear the title track ‘Terrence Loves You,’ a lecture on the origins of the universe, or a TED talk by Elon Musk.” Really. Unfortunately, the hotline number has been off and on. (When we tried to call, we got a response that said the number was “not yet active.”)

But others have been luckier. There exists a Soundcloud recording of the Honeymoon Hotline, working in its full glory. The first few minutes are really quite dreamy.

The hotline will reportedly be updated weekly with new info on the album, along with lectures that have been hand-picked by Lana — so keep those calls a-coming.

Try out the number for yourself (1-800-268-7886), or better yet, listen to the Soundcloud recording below.


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