Lana Condor’s Dog Posed on the At-Home Red Carpet for the “To All the Boys” Premiere—and It’s Too Cute

"Emmy was looking straight at the camera and everything."

During the pandemic, celebs might have missed the glitz and glam of walking red carpets for premieres and awards shows, but there are some upsides to holding the shindig at home: no flashing cameras, the freedom to eat snacks on the side, and there’s the option to get your pets involved, too. That’s exactly what Lana Condor opted to do for the premiere of To All the Boys: Always and Forever—and we can’t handle the cuteness of her dog, Emmy, dressed to the nines, posing on the carpet alongside the star.

“Lana dressed her dog up and put her on the red carpet—I thought it was the cutest thing ever,” celebrity stylist Tara Swennen tells HelloGiggles over the phone. “She even had Emmy posing—she was looking straight at the camera, feeling who knows what.”

Dressed in a tiny pink tutu, Emmy, whom Condor and boyfriend Anthony De La Torre adopted in 2019, sat still and stared directly at the camera like a pro. “I think the tutu was something they had for her as a puppy; it looked like the arm holes didn’t even fit her anymore, but it was very cute,” Swennen says, laughing. But Emmy wasn’t the only member of Condor’s family who got to strut their stuff on the pink carpet; her parents and boyfriend also dressed up and posed for photos in front of the film poster.

Lana Condor To All the Boys

For the premiere of the final film of the To All the Boys series (available on Netflix), Swennen (who also works with celebs like Kristen Stewart and Allison Janney) dressed Condor in a Julien Macdonald x Gabriela Gonzalez dress, strappy Jimmy Choo heels, and Pandora cubic zirconia stud earrings, which she says “elevated the timeless glamour of the look.” However, the stylist reveals that Condor, who typically opts for “colorful, flirtatious, and romantic” pieces, was initially hesitant to wear the sheer, formfitting, and sexy dress, which Swennen calls “a huge departure for her.”

“In the fitting, Lana was like, ‘this is definitely something I would never wear out normally,'” Swennen explains. “So I said, ‘This is the perfect opportunity—it’s in the comfort of your own home and you’re being photographed by your boyfriend; you don’t have to worry about paparazzi getting you at certain angles. You can manifest the exact look and position that you want.’ And she said, ‘oh my god, that’s brilliant.’ And right afterward, she said, ‘I think it might be my favorite look that I’ve ever done.'”

Calling her “a chameleon,” Swennen says Condor is “always willing to entertain new things”, but does lean into fit and flare dresses and elements like accentuated shoulders and bell sleeves, which all compliment her “fun personality”—one that’s not too different than that of the character who made her a star, Lara Jean Covey. “Obviously, Lara Jean is meant to be in high school, so Lana’s style is not as childish,” Swennen says. “But it’s definitely that same bubbly, fun personality—just a bit more of an elegance and refined element to it.”

Swennen raves about working with Condor, whom she’s been styling for over a year now. “She’s one of the most down-to-earth, funny, giggly, and smart women I’ve ever met,” Swennen reveals. “I forget every time we’re together that she’s only 23-years-old, because she has a very wise soul. I’m blown away by her intelligence.”

Since wrapping the To All the Boys series, Condor has been diving further into her music career, and we’ve seen her style evolve into a more elegant vibe. “I think her looks will continue to be more polished,” Swennen predicts. “But we’ll see; I love that right now, she’s 23 and willing to try really loud, fun things.”