Lana Condor clarified her relationship with Noah Centineo, and this all sounds very Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

In a new interview, Lana Condor of Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before fame opened up about how fans became obsessed with her off-screen relationship with her on-screen love interest Noah Centineo. Though she said it’s true that she and Centineo hyped up their chemistry during press junkets and red carpets to better promote the rom-com, fans took their speculations too far and it hurt people IRL.

When it was revealed Condor had a real-life boyfriend, Anthony De La Torre, she said ish kind of hit the fan. De La Torre’s social media accounts became a magnet for hate comments.

“I love Noah with all my heart, but the switch was when people started attacking Anthony online, Condor told Teen Vogue. "I realized as much as I can show my love and my friendship to Noah…I can't be that private with Anthony, because people are starting to be really hurtful to him."

Anyone getting Lady Gaga-Bradley Cooper-Irina Shayk vibes post-A Star Is Born from this whole scenario?

Suddenly, we’re flashing to Jameela Jamil snapping us back to reality from our movie daydreams.

“[Anthony has] been by my side through everything,” Condor said, calling De La Torre an “amazing person” and “an integral part of me staying literally sane.”

During the Teen Vogue interview, Condor and De La Torre joked about how his Instagram Explore page is filled with screenshots from the steamy hot tub scene taken from To All the Boys.

"I'm just like, ‘All right. This is my life now,'" De La Torre said, though confirming, "It's all good."

In fact, all the men in Condor’s life get along swimmingly. “Noah and Jordan [Fisher, who plays John Ambrose in the upcoming To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You] met Anthony both at the same time,” she told the publication, adding that she hosted ~all the boys~ at her house. “It was so cute because it almost felt like —”

“Your three boyfriends meeting each other?” De La Torre chimed in. Condor responded, “Like my three boyfriends all meeting each other.”

Luckily, Condor confirmed to Teen Vogue that the fandom is extremely loving. Although their shipping of her and Centineo became toxic for a minute, things have seemingly cooled as fans have come to the realization that Lana and her character Lara Jean are not one in the same.

But let’s be real—we want to be BFFs with both Lana and Lara Jean. Don’t you?

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