La La Anthony leaked some awesome details about Beyoncé’s push party, while still kinda keeping mum

We have just enough details about Beyoncé’s baby shower to know we missed out on something special, but our nosiness has just been further satiated by an account from someone who actually attended the event instead of stealing glimpses via Instagram. La La Anthony dished on Bey’s push party during a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, and ugh, we’re experiencing FOMO all over again.

So, we know Beyoncé got her belly decorated before the elaborate bash, there were tons of celebs, awesome food and a vibrant theme. However, Anthony knows much more about the Carter Push Party, which was held to celebrate the impending arrival of the singer’s new babies with husband Jay Z, who were born a couple of weeks ago.

Cohen fired off a “speed round of questions,” challenging Anthony to see if she could spill as many deets as possible about what it was like to be at Beyoncé’s push party IRL. For the most part, she played it safe.

For example, Anthony couldn’t quite recall what Bey wore to the party, but here’s a friendly reminder for anyone else who *coughs* forgot *coughs:

Anthony did recall that the food was “amazing,” revealing that the setup was “like a backyard barbecue.” She also confirmed that the twins’ big sister Blue Ivy was there and “excited” about their arrival, and Anthony also revealed that she had no clue what the baby’s sexes were at the time.

OTOH, her memory was rather fuzzy when it came to remembering if any of the guests got drunk, whether Bey’s father Mathew made an appearance, or whether anyone gave a speech.

We already knew the answers to some of Cohen’s questions, but it’s obvious that Anthony had no intention of giving away too much information. Can you blame her though? Her discretion is probably one of the main reasons she received an invite to one of THE most extravagant baby showers we’ve ever (sort of) seen.