Lake Bell shared the most empowering message about being a working mom

It can be hard for parents to balance a busy work schedule with caring for young children. But Lake Bell has become our working mom goals. She is talking what it is like to be a working mom in Hollywood. And honestly, it is really relatable. It isn’t the first time she’s brought up being a mom and working as a director and actor. She opened up about marriage and being a mother while promoting her new movie I Do…Until I Don’t. And really, who doesn’t love a woman who is so open about her love for her family and work?

And now she’s giving us more working mom advice.

In an interview with People magazine, Lake Bell talked about her creativity. Which has only increased with having her children. Lake and her husband Scott Campbell are parents to a 2-year-old daughter, Nova. They also have a baby son, Ozzi, who was born this past May.

"I think actually having children has only invigorated my enthusiasm and need to grow as an artist and as a creative person," she said.

Lake also said it’s important that her daughter sees how important her career is to her.

"They inspire me, but I also feel like, especially having a daughter, there is this cliché of [wanting] to show your kids that you’re following your dreams. I can’t tell you how true that is, she said. “When I explain to her that I have to go to work, I say that it’s a good thing. I try to couch it in that way because it really is my great privilege and honor to continue to do what I do.

And she’s right! It is very important that her daughter knows she can do whatever she wants, including working and being a mother. Thank you, Lake Bell.

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