Lake Bell Talks Taking Hurdles And Being Hairy

First thing’s first: Lake Bell is totally naked on New York’s fall fashion issue (save for an expansive fake tat designed by her hubby) and if that’s what being a vegan looks like, please come over ASAP and help yourself to everything currently in my fridge. Cheese, I’ll miss you the most.

So yeah, Lake Bell is a babe and I’ve got a major crush on her. She recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit and admitted to not always being so babely, which really resonated with someone whose arms were so hairy in middle school that I was dubbed “Pa-Harry and the Hendersons.” Reeeeal cute.

But I don’t just like her because she has killer legs the length of my wingspan. The girl is super smart, very well-spoken and crazy talented in more than one arena. You probably know her best as an actress (How To Make It In America, Children’s Hospital), but Bell, 34, is also an accomplished writer and a director — a triple threat of sorts. In her latest flick, In A World … (which is a comedy about a woman trying to break into the male-dominated movie trailer voice-over industry), Bell does it all. She’s in front of the camera as the film’s star and wrote and directed from behind the scenes. One Reddit commenter applauded her for helping open doors for wanna-be female directors, which is a profession that has been largely been occupied by men.

Right? I like where her head’s at.

How have you addressed your dreams? And if you’ve had to break through gender barriers in your profession, what was that experience like for you?

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