The new Thor’s response to anti-feminist backlash is awesome

In case you missed it, last July, Marvel Comics replaced their iconic superhero, Thor, with a woman. To summarize how it went down, Thor found himself unable to pick up his hammer, and the next person able to do so would be his replacement—the new Thor. This has happened before in the series, but the next person worthy of the hammer has never been a woman.

Not surprisingly, there were plenty of misogynistic men who weren’t too happy about this change. In addition to plenty of online comic aficionados, even mainstream media hosts like Tucker Carlson of Fox & Friends decried that Thor was now “a chick.” In the newest comic, the female Thor hits back against these critics—literally.

Of course, simply having a female character as the star wasn’t a victory in itself. We had to wait and see how Marvel would portray the new hero; preferably with a sense of spark and a uniform that covered more skin than a bikini, for instance. (Check and check, in case you were wondering.) In the fifth book of the series, released this week, Thor proved she’s as badass as we all hoped.

When this month’s villain (The Absorbing Man) finds out the new Thor is a woman, he spews out the kind of criticism Marvel itself has gotten in the past months, including, “Thor? Are you kidding me?. . . Damn feminists are ruining everything!”

After which, Thor promptly breaks his jaw with her hammer.

The female Thor’s identity hasn’t been revealed yet (we’ll have to wait until issue #8 in May for that), but she’s already won us over.

Images via Marvel Entertainment

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