Start saving, you’re gonna want to buy these Lady Ghostbusters action figures

Know how it’s often next to impossible to find kickass action figures for some of our favorite lady heroes, like, most recently, Rey? Well, in response to that, here’s some amazing news out of the toy world. Ghostbusters director Paul Feig knows the struggle, and he wants to avoid ALL of it when it comes to his new lady-powered movie. The gals — Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones — are getting action figures!

According to Feig, he’s been working with toy company Mattel since the film went into production on these action figures. That means there’s going to be none of this #WhereAreTheLadyGhostbusters when the film opens this summer, because they’re already going to be on toy shelves.

While Feig’s statement that 6″ figures are in the works is good enough for us right now, he went a step further and even shared what they’re going to look like. Big question is: How many 6″ Melissa McCarthys are you going to buy?? The answer is, of course, ALL OF THEM.

The toys won’t be available until this summer (the exact date is still unspecified). So, start saving your pennies now, friends. You’re gonna need to buy all four of these ladies, maybe even duplicates. You can never have too many strong, female action figures.

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