Lady Gaga’s sequined cat eye makeup is EVERYTHING — here’s how to get the look

Ever the chameleon, Lady Gaga has never wasted an opportunity to try a new look no matter how daring it may be, and this time, it’s all about her eyeliner. She’s a style icon for a reason! She can go from vintage elegant to cool goth in what feels like a second, and each looks feels more effortless than the one before. How does she pull it off? We are but mere plebs living in the presence of a fashion genius whose style is immortal.

The release of Gaga’s latest album, Joanne, has brought forth not only her latest era of unforgettable songs, but also a style rebirth that we’ve been waiting years for!

Brace yourself because Gaga has blessed us with a photo of her totally mind-blowing, sequined cat eye liner!

How much more beautiful can that get? The rhinestones on her eyelids perfectly complement the bling on her lapel!

Bless her for giving us this close up, because now we can see that she used dark crystals for the winged effect in her liner! Ingenious!

We have died and are dead.

It only makes sense that we recreate this look for every single holiday party that is headed our way!

There are plenty of places to pick up rhinestones, including your neighborhood craft shop, a la Michaels!

Michaels BeDazzler Clear Rhinestones, $6.49


Or, order them online at Amazon for as little as $1.99!


When it comes to applying them to your eyelids, for the love of all that is holy, please be safe an only use lash glue! We don’t need any horrible accidents here.

Grab some lash glue at your local drugstore or online! Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive is only $5.99!


Such an affordable beauty trick that packs a stylish punch! Just use your tweezers to hold the rhinestones for maximum precision and you’re all set!

What do you think? Is this look just up your alley? We can’t wait to see what other beauty and style tricks Gaga has up her sleeves in the coming weeks. You know it’s gonna be good!

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