Lady Gaga’s latest Tweet about her grandparents is making our hearts melt

If you know anything about who Lady Gaga is beneath the big voice and edgy, avant-garde get ups, you know that family is central to who she is. And it makes sense, because it seems like she comes from a pretty great one.

In a Tweet promoting her new album, Joanne, which is named in honor of Gaga’s deceased aunt, the performer happily shared a little family history.

The brief but sentimental social media recollection is truly inspiring and also super endearing, because it applies to the overarching theme of the singer’s career. Case in point, it’s more apparent than ever that Gaga was proud to be “born this way.” Particularly, to the hardworking, ambitious, and resilient people she calls her grandparents.

She also wrote of the album in the Tweet, "Getting ready to promote #JOANNE SO excited to united w my monster family, & sing to the world of the line of tough woman & men I came from."

More specifically, the Snapchat caption tacked onto the video lists two simple lines from the tune that are anything but simple. It reads,

"Grandpa was a shoemaker, grandma was a homemaker. Look how far we've come."

To further her point and add a little extra punch from the rags to riches type story she alludes to in her lyrics, Gaga is seen nonchalantly strutting her stuff and blowing kisses from the stairs of a private jet. It’s the perfect, sweet tribute to her grandparents and how they inspired her to achieve all of her success. And, it’s making us feel all of the feels.

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