Lady Gaga’s dog, Miss Asia Kinney, is officially a model. And she’s gorgeous.

Meet your new favorite fashion model. Her name is Miss Asia Kinney, she loves the finer things in life, and she’s a natural in front of the camera. Oh, and she’s a dog. Her human is also not just any human, her human is Lady Gaga. And, if that’s still not enough to fall in love with this French bulldog, she’s one of the new faces for “Coach Pups.”

The “Coach Pups” campaign, features super-glam portraits of celebrity dogs along with Coach goods. Lady Gaga told People that she’s “so proud” of Miss Asia, and we are, too! In the newly-released image of the pooch, she rocks a strand of pearls and a beautiful Coach bag while giving the camera a look that could win her a season of America’s Next Top Model. Next stop: The runway.

Miss Asia isn’t the only dog taking part in “Coach Pups.” Ariana Grande’s little Toulouse will model too. And if Coach needs more famous puppy suggestions, I follow lots of dogs on Instagram (someone call Lena Dunham, and ask if Lamby is available).

Lady Gaga and Miss Asia have actually been testing out the modeling route for a little while now, as the canine-human duo announced last month that they’re working on a “fashionable puppy line.” All the proceeds from said puppy line will go to “locally-based organizations that do great work with pets.”

But now enough talk about modeling dogs, and let’s actually see Miss Asia in action. These stellar images come courtesy of Miss Asia’s very own Instagram.

Werk it, Miss Asia.

[Images via Coach and Instagram]

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