Um, we’re kind of in love with how Lady Gaga is warming up for the Super Bowl

In just under one month, Lady Gaga is set to headline one of the biggest events of the year — the Super Bowl. While the Super Bowl itself is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the halftime concert has emerged as a highly anticipated event within itself. The last few years have seen Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars headline the event, with very special guests tagging along, and we’re incredibly confident that Gaga will blow the house down.

Since headlining the incredible show is a mind-bending opportunity, it’s important to not only prepare vocally, but also mentally. Gaga took to Instagram to show fans how she’s warming up for the event.

That’s right, the “Million Reasons” singer is taking some time for self-care on the back of her horse Trigger. She aptly captioned the photo, “#Joanne Halftime warm up Giddy-up. #SuperBowl”

Towards the end of the summer, it was leaked that Gaga would be headlining the show, with claims being refuted by the NFL. It wasn’t until the end of September when the initial announcement went out. Gaga never spoke of her involvement with the halftime show during the speculation, tweeting a confirmation at the end of September.

She tweeted:

Performing during the halftime show won’t be the first time Gaga’s sung at the Super Bowl. Last year, the Born This Way singer sang the national anthem to kick off the event (pun intended).

We’re so excited to see what Gaga performs at the halftime show, although we’re sure it will be a mix of greatest hits and songs from her latest album Joanne. To put it simply: Lady Gaga is clearly on the edge of glory. 

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