Lady Gaga is all of us after passing our driving test

Though she may enjoy hanging out at the Indy 500 racetrack, that doesn’t mean Lady Gaga is ready to hop in a racecar of her own. That’s mainly because Gaga just got her driver’s license (and celebrated with a Clueless reference, no less). While we’re super excited for the popstar, we’re also experiencing secondhand anxiety right now – because getting a driver’s license is the most stressful.

Lady Gaga knows exactly what we’re talking about.

First, there’s the written test, which is the definition of intimidating. And who could forget taking this test in a super uncomfortable desk surrounded by other people who are also super uncomfortable? Luckily, Gaga got to bypass the latter:

Me at the DMV. SCHOOLS OUT ,joked Lady Gaga, captioning the above.

Then, there’s the actual driving test. *gulps*

Hands down, one of the most daunting things on the planet is getting into a car with a stranger and their clipboard, while they prepare to judge every single move you make when driving. However, there’s nothing better than getting this rite of passage over with, as evidenced by the following photo:

And after I passed my driving test,” wrote Gaga. “PRAISE HIM .

Someone should take that photo and make it into an inspirational poster for all the soon-to-be drivers out there.

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