Lady Gaga took her Super Bowl makeup to new heights in the front row at Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion show

She trapezed, she twerked, and she slayed at the Super Bowl — and now Lady Gaga and her out-of-this-world eye makeup have dominated the front row at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show.

Sitting courtside at the designer’s Tommyland show in Venice, California on Wednesday, Gaga donned massive, bejeweled eyebrows reminiscent of the dazzling mask-style makeup she wore during her Super Bowl performance on Sunday.

While her SB look was more Spider-Woman than fashion vixen, her runway-ready brows screamed “style icon!” and will surely be replicated by makeup artists and drag queens the world over.


So stunning, right?

Compare this look to her Super Bowl mask. Distinct ideas, but definitely linked.


And fabulous no matter what!

It wasn’t just her eye makeup that turned heads at Hilfiger. Gaga’s outfit — a two-piece sequined crop top and booty shorts — was not unlike her third Super Bowl ensemble: a pair of hot pants and a crop top outfitted with football player-style shoulder pads.


If Gaga is pulling a Beyoncé and offering up a unified aesthetic across platforms, we’re not mad at it!

Gaga seemed to take the Tommyland show quite seriously, keeping her eyes locked on the runway the whole time.


Afterwards, as Hilfiger and his muse and collaborator Gigi Hadid walked the runway for the final time, Hilfiger himself bowed before Gaga, lifting his hands in a prayer position and offering up his thanks to the singer. You can catch the sweet — and brief! — moment in the video below.

Gaga certainly makes an impression wherever she goes!

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