Lady Gaga has feelings about ‘The Jinx’ (and other terrifying series)

Remember a few months ago, when everyone was totally hooked on HBO’s The Jinx, the documentary series about Robert Durst and the possibly, allegedly, totally freaky murders he may or may not have committed and then may or may not have admitted to in the finale? Of course you do, because the show was amazing. Well, Lady Gaga was right there with you watching every twist and turn.

While stopping by The Tonight Show to talk about American Horror Story: Hotel, Gaga shared that she loves a scary story. Since she’s starring in the latest season of the always terrifying AHS, that’s probably a good thing.

“Dangerous things and horror relaxes me,” she said, in what might be the most Lady Gaga quote of all time. Along with shows like Snapped, Gaga pointed to The Jinx as one of those really engrossing, totally riveting horror shows that you just can’t quit.

Gaga, we are totally with you on that. Watch the clip below to get more Gaga horror recommendations.

(Image via NBC)


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