Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney just broke up, and everything hurts

Though Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s love has been burning bright for five years, People just confirmed that the couple decided to end their relationship earlier this month. This also marks the end of their engagement, which began when Taylor proposed to Gaga with a heart-shaped ring (which she’s no longer wearing) on Valentine’s Day in 2015.

As for why these two broke up, neither of them have opened up about this part of their lives yet (which is totally understandable), but many have speculated that their work got in the way. After all, Gaga did open up about how she and Taylor were coping with a long-distance relationship.

We don’t have any rules about calling each other at certain times … We’ll go days at a time without talking and then we’ll talk every day,” Gaga explained. “He’s on his journey and I’m on mine and we’re gypsies. And then when we’re together, we’re really in love and that’s it.”

Their last photo together on Gaga’s Instagram:

Though we’re sure Taylor and Gaga have made a decision that’s right for them both, it’s still sad to imagine them not being together on the red carpet. ALSO – who’s going to gain custody of their French Bulldogs Miss Asia Kinney and Koji?

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