The makeup Lady Gaga wore during the Super Bowl cost more than our rent

It’s not surprising that Lady Gaga’s career has earned her millions (and millions and millions and millions) of dollars. She’s an uber-talented songwriter, dancer, singer, activist, and performer. Forbes named her one of the highest-paid celebrities in 2015, and she has been known to snag an £85,250 Alexander McQueen gown in a bid at auction. NBD.

So should it really shock us that Lady Gaga rocked $863 worth of makeup during the Superbowl?

Well, yes and no. No, because you’d think her daily moisturizer — you know, the kind one haphazardly tosses into one’s work purse — is made of diamonds and gemstones. But also yes, definitely yes, because most people rack up hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of makeup over time (lots of time, and lots of shameless binges) — not all in one go. But this is Lady Gaga, and she just killed it in front of more than 111 million human beings. So she can do what she wants.

So, what sort of expensive, crazy beauty ritual went down?

First off, it was pulled off by makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who used Marc Jacobs products exclusively. One of the cheapest items was MJ’s Lip Lock Moisture Balm, which sits at a cool $24, just about six times the price of a drugstore chapstick. And the priciest? The $99 About Last Night Style Eye Con No. 20 Eye Shadow Palette.

All in all, each of the items were fairly affordable (and by “fairly” we mean “kind of a splurge.”)

Then there was also the below look, which took dozens of tiny crystals. It felt refreshingly like the weirdo, early-career Lady Gaga we fell in love with. The unapologetic, out-of-left-field, masquerading mother monster. That’s why we loved her — she wasn’t preoccupied with the standards or what was “normal” or typically sexy. She brought that same power and strength to the game field.

So, in total, Gaga rocked lots of eye makeup — liner, shadow, mascara — from 11 different MJ sources. Don’t even try to say you haven’t played with about seven different eyeshadow colors on a night out! The only difference is that we’re usually scraping out the last bit of Half Baked from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, rather than playing with the whole Marc Jacobs aisle…

Incredible performance, as always, Lady Gaga. And gorgeous makeup, Sarah Tonno!

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