Lady Gaga said she’ll play her classic hits at the Super Bowl halftime show, which has us like rah rah oh la la

The Super Bowl is basically an American holiday by this point. And nothing is more special than watching the halftime show. This year, we will be graced with a Lady Gaga performance, and we have some major news to share.  Lady Gaga said she’ll play her classic hits at the Super Bowl halftime show! Meaning all of our favorites songs can potentially hit the stage.

Lady Gage proved that she can handle the show after singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 50. Someone with her singing chops is perfect for events like that. Furthermore, she is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQI+ groups and causes. Meaning that her performance will not only be good, it will have meaning.

In a political climate such as the one we find ourselves in, it is important to have artists and figureheads in the limelight talking about issues. Lady Gaga’s newest album Joanne takes on gun violence and LGBTQI+ causes. While most people were focusing on her new sound, they didn’t notice the lyrics becoming more political.

To sum up, Lady Gaga’s performance will be awesome. We will be speculating which songs she will pick.

“Bad Romance”

This song catapulted Gaga into the limelight. The music video was so strange and new. We were just about to learn of Gaga’s abilities. Everyone knows it! A crowd favorite is sure to get a sing-along.

“Born This Way”

With LGBT rights in immediate danger, this song has the power to remind us exactly how to come together. A HUGE hit and a timeless anthem, it deserves a spot in the lineup.

“Edge Of Glory”

When you are talking about epic songs, Gaga’s “Edge Of Glory” stands out. The vocals, the rock and roll vibes, and the sax all come together to make this a shoe-in for a stadium performance. We will be surprised if Gaga doesn’t sing the crap out of it.

Whatever the final song selection ends being, Lady Gaga has said she’ll play her classic hits and that is enough for us.

This Super Bowl promises to be one we will never forget!

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