Lady Gaga’s suffragette-inspired outfit is making us scream SOLIDARITY SISTER

One thing that keeps us pushing through an election that has been unprecedentedly bad when it comes to sexism and racism is the fact that Hillary Clinton could become the first female president of the United States. Considering the 19th amendment wasn’t ratified until 1920 (nope, not a misprint, although we did quadruple-check because while we KNOW that date, we also can’t get over how recent it was) and there are still women voting today who have not had the right to vote their whole lives, it’s a pretty enormous thing, that Hillary Clinton could be president.

So this year more than most, we really should be thanking our sister suffragettes who sacrificed so much for a right we so frequently take for granted. Lady Gaga showed her #suffragettepride (it’s a hashtag now because we said so) wearing the peeeerfect outfit to celebrate.

Peep that undone corset in the back tho:

Lady Gaga’s outfit isn’t the only nod to suffragettes rolling out this election. A (real) hashtag, #wearwhitetovote, is gaining popularity.

It’s not just an homage to Hillary’s pristine white pantsuit she wore at the last debate, but also to white being the official color of the suffragette movement. In what might be one of the more unique elections we’ve ever had in this country, it seems like paying homage to the women who helped us get the vote is particularly appropriate, especially given the unfortunate language that has been used by *cough* certain candidates.

 The right to vote was hard fought and even harder won, so recently that there are still women alive who remember it. While wearing white is a nice little tip of the hat to our fore-sisters, the ultimate honor you can do their memory is to SHOW UP and cast your vote. Make your voice heard, ya’ll.

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