Lady Gaga just stood up for a young girl being bullied at school with a super important Instagram PSA

Mother Monster is nothing short of amazing, and she just proved it again. Lady Gaga just defended a girl being bullied at school with a powerful Instagram video.

Bullying happens way too much in our society. Just a simple Google search of the word “bullied” turns up more than 44 million results. It happens to so many people — people we know personally, people we know from afar, and/or ourselves. Bullying even happens to celebrities. Winona Ryder was bullied for being in Beetlejuice. Lorde was bullied for having a unibrow. Countless others, famous and not, sadly experience bullying online.

So we give Lady Gaga a standing ovation for creating an Instagram PSA on behalf of a young girl named Venice, the daughter of a woman Gaga works with.

"I’m really, really sad to hear that Venice is being bullied at school. I work a lot in the space of anti-bullying and I have learned that this can really change the growth and the happiness of children all over the world."

OK, this is how we feel about what Lady Gaga said.

And we loved her closing remarks, too.

“So, I encourage you all to be kind to one another and to search within your community for bravery. Sometimes, it’s hard to stand up against the popular kids, you know, and hang out with someone who’s being bullied, but be the bigger person. Be kinder. Be braver. Go and sit with Venice and have lunch. Be a rebel.

On that note, we hope you take Lady Gaga’s advice and sit with the Venices of the world. As, as usual, thank you, Lady Gaga, for speaking out on behalf of those bullied everywhere.

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