Lady Gaga made a brief cameo as a Starbucks barista today

Lady Gaga worked as a Starbucks Barista today, and for good reason. The stint was part of a promotion for her new Cups of Kindness line at Starbucks, where certain summer drinks will benefit the singer’s Born This Way foundation. So Gaga herself decided to serve up some cups directly to her fans. (We’re still waiting for somebody named Alejandro to tweet a picture of his Starbucks drink with his name written on the cup by Gaga.)

Gaga’s barista-ing skills were pretty good, even beyond the added omgwhat factor of Lady Gaga serving you coffee.

Fans and Gaga herself were quick to post photos and video to the internet, which probably only bolstered sales.

We’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty genius marketing strategy. Promise fans at least a second of face time with one of their favorite artists and you’ve got a guaranteed line out the door as soon as news hits Instagram. Which it did.

We hope Lady Gaga raised money and awareness for her cause and enjoyed barista-ing it up.

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