Lady Gaga says this is what we can expect from her upcoming Netflix documentary

When Mother Monster speaks, we listen. New music, exciting TV roles, outrageous solar eclipse outfits — we immediately flock to whatever project Lady Gaga is working on. So when we heard Netflix was releasing a documentary about Gaga’s life, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

While we’ve known that the doc will capture a year in the life of the pop music star, we haven’t heard too many other details — until now. Entertainment Weekly spoke to the singer and director Chris Moukarbel about the upcoming project, titled Gaga: Five Foot Two, and shared the details with us.

The doc will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival before coming to Netflix on September 22. It promises to be real and unfiltered.

Gaga: Five Foot Two delves into the complicated roles that fame, loneliness, and chronic pain play in her life.

According to EW, Gaga seems excited to share a raw, uncut glimpse of what it’s like to be her.

“[You will see] a woman who’s an artist, creates all day, thinks all day, and also has the experiences [as] both an artist and a celebrity. Those two things collide for me, and you’ll see how they’re conflicted, Lady Gaga told EW. “I am 100 percent at my lowest common denominator. Nobody [is] explaining what I am or putting a label on me as a female artist in this film. That’s what this documentary is about.

Moukarbel started filming in June of 2016 — and that very first day ended up being the opening scene of the documentary.

Gaga: Five Foot Two chronicles Stefani Germanotta’s creative process as she recorded Joanne, her most recent studio album. It also followed the star as she prepared for the Super Bowl halftime show and shot American Horror Story.

Gaga clearly impressed the acclaimed director.

"Gaga has created an extraordinary life through force of her own personality but when you’re inside her world you’re immediately struck with how laid-back and familial she actually is. She’s warm and genuinely interested in the people around her," Moukarbel said. "She is incredibly close with her family and they are around her all the time. They have a naturally loving relationship so I hope some of that comes across in the movie."

Your little monsters can’t wait!

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